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Aquatic Animal Care (pond, aquaria and aquaculture)

Todd R. Cecil, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian Practice), Cert AqV is the owner/veterinarian and brings with him over twenty years of aquatic animal veterinary experience.  Medical and surgical services can be provided, as well as examinations for parasitic infections, water quality analysis and nutritional consultations.

Experienced Aquatic Veterinarian

Dr. Cecil is a certified aquatic veterinarian, a certification presented by the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association.  His experience includes 25+ years with aquaculture species, marine and salt water aquaria and pond species (koi and goldfish).

Veterinary Services

The Western Aquatic Animal Veterinary Service offers medical and surgical services to aquatic species including fish, reptiles and invertebrates.  Parasite investigation, water quality analysis, nutritional and husbandry consultation, blood work, cultures and other testing available.

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Please call with questions or to inquire about a house call.  Veterinary services provided for pond, aquarium and aquaculture species including on-site consultation, diagnostics and treatment protocols.

Western Aquatic Animal Veterinary Service

(619) 546-0777

This is a house call only practice.  Hours vary depending on veterinarian availability.